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Concept of Yamamasu, Ltd.

A company belongs in its area and in its industry.

Without the development of the area and industry, the company will not develop.

Green tea is a representative industry of Shizuoka.

We believe that the development of the tea industry leads to the development of every industry in Shizuoka.


Yamamasu, Ltd. publicly proclaims, "We will contribute to the progress and development of the tea industry."

Our mission, visions, and code of conduct

1. Company = "workers" + "mission" + "visions" + "code of conduct"
2. Reason (mission) for the existence of our company

<Governing a nation and providing relief to people> = Contributing to world development and harmony, making sincere efforts to contribute to the happiness of the customers, employees, people in the community, as well as people related to our company, and contributing to society through fair tax payment

3. Our future prospects (visions)
  • (1) Contributing to the progress and development of the tea industry
  • (2) Making sincere efforts so that taking on a new business by utilizing conveyance, selection, drying, and blending techniques will lead to the progress and development of the tea industry
  • (3) Possessing the technology that other companies in the food-related machinery industry cannot match
  • (4) Contributing to the happiness of people all over the world through producing the machinery and equipment that provide "safe drinking water" which is indispensable for human existence
  • (5) Being the company with workers that play leading roles in the local community
4. Code of conduct

To provide services with the utmost sincerity

(so that our customers will know that doing business with Yamamasu, Ltd. has produced positive results and that our employees will feel that working for Yamamasu, Ltd. is a satisfying life choice)

  • (1) Observing (compliance with) laws and ordinances, and engaging in corporate activities with the highest standards
  • (2) Contributing to society through fair tax payment
  • (3) Providing reliability and security to customers (in terms of products, services, and manners)
    • 1) Pre-shipment checks
    • 2) Traceability
    • 3) Claim settlement
    • 4) More efficient services
    • 5) Manners (meeting our standard of dress, having tidy hair, taking care in choice of words, and observing the proper courtesies)
  • (4) Building relationships of trust with suppliers and customers (contributing to mutual development)
  • (5) Gaining understanding and support from the stockholders and creditors (by swiftly providing information and taking care of monthly tasks)
  • (6) Creating an office atmosphere to allow each of our employees to have a feeling of togetherness, enhance their abilities, and have respect for each other
  • (7) Communicating with society through the website as well as advertising and joining activities of Societies of Commerce and Industry, corporate associations, and trade groups
  • (8) Maintaining healthy and transparent relationships with government as well as administration and refusing all illegal political donations, contributions, as well as any payoffs
  • (9) Rejecting all relationships with antisocial forces and groups
  • (10) Aiming for co-existence with the local community

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